Concerns for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors.
— Albert Einstein

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Welcome to Carolyn’s Vision


I’m Carolyn Marie Vines. I am a creator at heart and nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing the magic unfold as thoughts and ideas manifest from our minds into the physical world. Whether its a website, a book, or dodging and burning effects on a raw camera file I find it thrilling to see what is created. I enjoy all sorts of new creative endeavors. Playing with all the Adobe Creative Suite products, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Edge has been great fun and it is my intention to continue learning new skills into infinity. I also enjoy the occasional sewing or beading project and I’ve dabbled in painting. Awakening the artist within myself and others is one of the highest priorities in my life.
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I am enamored with the beauty that surrounds me every day and I love digitally capturing the beauty of our world. My seemingly elevated appreciation of beauty has instilled within me a habit of interrupting flow of conversation in order to draw attention to something beautiful that has just manifested into our environment. Surely, this can be quite frustrating for my friends and family. Of course, it has been equally frustrating to me that the arrival of a beautiful sunset, a huge yellow moon, or a happy and exuberant dog is not nearly as mesmerizing to them as it is to me.

In recent years, my family began recognizing and sharing the opinion that I have an eye for composition. One Facebook friend thanked me for allowing her to see through my eyes; and another commented that I see things others don’t. These comments were the catalyst for a huge revelation in me. Many people seem to appreciate beauty more when they can see it in the perfectly timed appearance of a photograph than when it presents itself as an interruption. Photography allows me to share the beauty of my world in a non-intrusive way, allowing those who are interested to see the world through my eyes. Click here to read more about my love of photography.

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I have a natural affinity for writing and I love it! My love for writing began at a very early age and, with the exception of choir, English was my favorite subject. When I was about 10 years old, my mother and I moved from our hometown to an isolated 102 acre farm. Though we met a lot of very nice people through school and church, I took up the art of letter writing and it became my favorite pastime. I wrote to friends and family every day. Yes, I did miss them; but in hindsight, I strongly suspect that I was developing a life-long passion for writing and missing my friends and family was a good excuse for writing in every free moment available to me. If I was not either in school, playing with my sweet blonde Labrador, discovering tools for dealing with dyslexia, picking out tunes on our chord organ, or helping out with chores on our farm, I was writing letters.
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