I’m Carolyn Marie Vines. I am a creator at heart and nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing the magic unfold as thoughts and ideas manifest from our minds into the physical world. Whether its a website, a book, or dodging and burning effects on a raw camera file I find it thrilling to see what is created. I enjoy all sorts of new creative endeavors. Playing with all the Adobe Creative Suite products, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Edge has been great fun and it is my intention to continue learning new skills into infinity. I also enjoy the occasional sewing or beading project and I’ve dabbled in painting. Awakening the artist within myself and others, seems to be what my life is all about.

What is in a Name

While I will not overwhelm you with the specifics, I am vastly entertained by the high level of synchronicity associated with my very name. Not only did I luck into the perfect surname, it seems as if my parents were truly inspired when they creatively chose my name. This lucky happenstance evoked in me a strong desire for playing off my initials as I created my logo.  My logo is a C and a V resting inside an infinity symbol. The CV represents both my name and my business name. The infinity symbol represents…

  • my desire to continue learning new things into infinity
  • the infinite beauty of our world
  • and the infinite service I can provide for you and your company

My Passions

I have been a writer since childhood and I love researching a variety of topics, learning new things, and sharing what I have learned. Fans of my editing will attest to my ability of transforming their words into easy flowing, grammatically correct content, as well as my knack for catching continuity issues.  My love for photography opens a window into the beauty of our world as I see it; and the name of my business, Carolyn’s Vision, is a play on my desire to share the beauty of our world through my eyes. I chose to pursue a certification in web design because I see it as an opportunity to incorporate so many of the creative activities I love; so I’m not left with having to choose just one of my passions.

I invite you to follow my “What Do I Do?” links to discover what I can do for you, and I hope you’ll enjoy visiting my gallery and my blog. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about who Carolyn is and what I can do for you!