Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Fell, Day 11

Thursday, March 16, 2017


We may forget that there is more to the word fell than simply being the past tense of fall. In the English language, there are many uses of this word as a verb, noun, or adjective. Here a few.

Definition: v.t. an action that causes something to fall; idiom used to describe a single completely effective action; adj. cruel, fierce, vicious

Example: When we fell the false and unnatural boundaries built on greed, fear, religion, and politics we may live in a world driven by compassion, affection, love, and respect.

Synonyms: drop, cut, shoot, slash, efficacious, exact, productive, devastating

Antonyms: raise, lift, construct, ineffective, aimless, superficial, endless

Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Efficacious, Day 10

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

(ef ’ i · kā ’ shəs)

Definition: capable of producing a desired effect

Example: Reading her old résumés had an efficacious effect on Angela’s level of self-confidence, as she was reminded of accomplishments she had long forgotten.

Synonyms: capable, effective, competent, influential, useful

Antonyms: incapable, useless, weak, unsuccessful, impotent

Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Certitude, Day 9

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

(sûr’ tə · tüd)

Definition: certainty; freedom from doubt; absolute confidence

Example: Self doubt and thoughts of limitation are the only things that hold us back. With certitude in self, universal consciousness, and the law of attraction, all things are possible.

Synonyms: faith, belief, confidence, conviction, certainty, inevitability

Antonyms: doubt, uncertainty, disbelief, distrust

Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Congenial, Day 8

Monday, March 13, 2017

(kən · jēn’ yəl)

Definition: compatible with one’s disposition, needs, interests, etc.

Example: Their common interests and similar attitudes were the basis of an enduring congenial friendship.

Synonyms: harmonious, kindred, compatible, agreeable, friendly, sympathetic, amiable

Antonyms: discordant, disagreeable, ill-suited, incompatible, aloof, unfriendly, unpleasant

Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Gracile, Day 7

Saturday, March 11, 2017

(gras’ il)

Definition: gracefully slender

Example: Theresa’s commitment to a healthy diet and moderate exercise had manifested the gracile figure of which Arthur, having laid eyes on her for the first time, found himself absorbed in awe and admiration.

Synonyms: svelte, lanky, lithe, slim, delicate, frail, fragile, meager

Antonyms: large, chubby, fat, big, heavy, strong, unbreakable

Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Unequivocal, Day 6

Friday, March 10, 2017

(un’ i · kwiv’ ə · kəl)

The word I chose for today is inspired by a friend who is celebrating the anniversary of the day he received a very clear message about unconditional love, or one might call it unequivocal love.

Definition: not limited by conditions; allowing no room for doubt or misinterpretation

Example: That spring morning, Gene passed the reverse image of a flag which seemed to display a word he did not understand. “Evol? What does that mean?” As he realized he was seeing the reverse image of the intended word, love, he received a message that has lived with him these thirteen years. That message was that we should EVOLve into unequivocal love. He was told that we are not expected to have the ability to immediately feel and express this level of love at all times. All that is asked of us is that we strive, each day, to be better at it than we were yesterday.

Synonyms: unconditional, absolute, undeniable, indisputable, unambivalent, unmistakeable

Antonyms: conditional, questionable, dubious, vague, indefinite

Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Hedonistic, Day 5

Thursday, March 9, 2017

(hĕd’ n · is’ tik)

Definition: relating to the pursuit of pleasure and/or self-indulgence

Example: “Finding enough energy to maintain that state of love certainly helps the world, but it most directly helps us. It is the most hedonistic thing we can do.”   James Redfield

Synonyms: decadent, luxurious, indulgent, self-indulgent

Antonyms: self-sacrificing, prudish, self-denying

The Celestine Prophecy, Warner Books, Time Warner Book Company, Copyright © 1993 by James Redfield, page 116,

Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Stalwart, Day 2

Monday, March 6, 2017

(stawl’ · wərt)

Definition: dependable and loyal; sturdy and strong

Example: Though all evidence belied her truth, she continued to follow her path with stalwart conviction.

Synonyms: steadfast, fearless, intrepid, vigorous, indomitable

Antonyms: timid, unreliable, weak, meek, yielding, vulnerable

Carolyn’s Word of the Day: Cynosure, Day 1

Sunday, March 5, 2017

(sī ’ nə · shoòr)

Definition: the center of attention

Example: Miles apart, as the star-crossed lovers looked up at the evening sky, little did they know that this same brilliant and mysterious star was also the cynosure of a soulmate’s star gazing distraction.

Synonyms: focal point, heart, portent, wonderment, phenomenon, spectacle, sensation

Antonyms: periphery, exteriority, obscurity, nonentity