I am enamored with the beauty that surrounds me every day and I love digitally capturing the beauty of our world. My seemingly elevated appreciation of beauty has instilled within me a habit of interrupting flow of conversation in order to draw attention to something beautiful that has just manifested into our environment. Surely, this can be quite frustrating for my friends and family. Of course, it has been equally frustrating to me that the arrival of a beautiful sunset, a huge yellow moon, or a happy and exuberant dog is not nearly as mesmerizing to them as it is to me.

In recent years, my family began recognizing and sharing the opinion that I have an eye for composition. One Facebook friend thanked me for allowing her to see through my eyes; and another commented that I see things others don’t. These comments were the catalyst for a huge revelation in me. Many people seem to appreciate beauty more when they can see it in the perfectly timed appearance of a photograph than when it presents itself as an interruption. Photography allows me to share the beauty of my world in a non-intrusive way, allowing those who are interested to see the world through my eyes.

My photography allows me to share the magical beauty and intrigue of our world as I see it, along with the joy and enthusiasm of Gaia’s creatures.

Our beautiful sky, the splashing of water, bird activity on the shore of a pond or a beach, playful dogs, and other gentle forms of wildlife are my favorite photography opportunities. My gallery highlights a small sample of the joyful opportunities allowing me to capture these beautiful scenes. I will also be continuously posting individual photos and slideshows in a photography blog. In addition to this site, my photography can be found on several stock photography sites including Alamy, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStock, and Adobe Stock.

When it comes to digitally capturing the beauty of people, I prefer candid photography to portraits. Recently I had the fortunate opportunity to shoot a wedding and, even though some of the shots were your typical posed photo shots, likely 90% of the images I captured were candid. Even in those group photos, I waited for the wedding party and guests to burst out in laughter or playfully interact with one another as I continued to shoot. The love and the joy I captured in the images of this beautiful event has inspired me to include people in my future photography. Though I am not currently equipped to offer my professional services for event photography or portraits, I’ve received several opportunities in those areas; therefore it is my intention to offer these services in the future, as my business grows and allows me to invest in higher end lenses and lighting equipment. Meanwhile, I would love an opportunity to photograph your dogs or horses at play. I am also open to working as a photographer’s assistant for event, portrait, and commercial photography.

Thank you for visiting my photography page!

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