I have a natural affinity for writing and I love it! My love for writing began at a very early age and, with the exception of choir, English was my favorite subject. When I was about 10 years old, my mother and I moved from our hometown to an isolated 102 acre farm. Though we met a lot of very nice people through school and church, I took up the art of letter writing and it became my favorite pastime. I wrote to friends and family every day. Yes, I did miss them; but in hindsight, I strongly suspect that I was developing a life-long passion for writing and missing my friends and family was a good excuse for writing in every free moment available to me. If I was not either in school, playing with my sweet blonde Labrador, discovering tools for dealing with dyslexia, picking out tunes on our chord organ, or helping out with chores on our farm, I was writing letters.

In ninth grade, my literature teacher required us to write an essay every Monday morning about any topic we chose, even if it was just about what we did over the weekend. I always feared I’d have nothing to write; yet when I put pen to paper, the words always flowed. That propensity continues today. Upon sitting down to write this page, I thought I felt writer’s block; yet I started typing and the words immediately began to flow out of my mind, through my fingers and onto the screen before me. For me, it is like magic!

I have a passion for helping others
find the words to express themselves.

As I’ve already stated, English was my favorite subject in school; and editing has become one of my greatest strengths. My life as an editor began in high school, when I was chosen to be our school newspaper’s news editor. Today, while reading an author’s manuscript, I can actually feel the flow of the text. It is a thrill ride for me when text is flowing; and when the text stops flowing, it feels like I’m trying to walk through quicksand. This palpable connection with the written word has allowed me to help my authors create better flow in the works they are creating. I also have a gift for recognizing continuity issues and this has been a great help to my authors as well, especially those who have taken years to write their books, not having had the luxury of committing full-time to their creative endeavor.

My Experience

  • In yellow page sales and in my real estate business, I created brochures and flyers.
  • I’ve created the basic design and written ad content for yellow page ads.
  • I wrote a highly acclaimed weekly newsletter, for my Kiwanis Club, which received commendation throughout the Texas/Oklahoma district.
  • In my work with a computer forensics company I…
    • redesigned and wrote the content for a template based website
    • created and wrote content for brochures
    • and wrote several press releases.
  • My editing experience has included a 664 page novel, a handbook on sacred geometry, blogs, essays, newsletter articles, and business letters/emails.
  • The office managers for my past office clerical positions frequently had me proofread and sometimes edit their business letters and emails.

As a Writer, What Can I Write For You?

  • Content for websites and other marketing materials
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Articles for both online and printed publications
  • Journalistic reports of your business and community meetings

As an Editor, What Can I Edit For You?

  • Books
  • College Essays
  • Blogs
  • Business Letters
  • Website Content
  • Articles for both online and printed publications
  • I will check your creative works for
    • Spelling errors
    • Grammatical errors
    • Readability and flow
    • Continuity
  • If you take pride in your authorship and you do not want some pesky editor rewriting your work, I’ll humbly stand back, keep my opinions about readability and flow to myself, and only check your spelling, grammar, and continuity.

Thank you for taking the time to read about how my passion for writing has transformed me into a creative muse of sorts, one who has a passion for inspiring and assisting authors to create their own masterpieces.